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April 12 th 2021

It was a great season, a lot of fun was had by all, we skied and snowboarded into mid April which was awesome. And so we, all the staff at Troll just want to thank everyone who came out and played with us, and played by the current Covid-19 rules. You guys adapted beautifully, and were the reason we had a season.

Stay safe , stay in shape, and enjoy your summer. We hope to have a completely different set of prodigals next season, like, events every weekend, Troll midnight,:), and celebrations celebrating Troll’s  50th  anniversary next season. Take care.

As the season is nearing the end if you have completed your last ski day and you wore one of the Troll IQonboard beacons, they do need to be turned it. They can be turned in at the lodge or at Rocky Peak in town , and then receive a cool sticker. 

Thanks to everyone for adhering to all the covid protocols. We appreciate it and so do the people around you.

Please read the notes below about what to expect at Troll, about masks being required and where, and the lodge will be entirely on take out so you need to be able to change your gear and eat in your vehicle, or outside 🙂
We will expect your cooperation as we navigate through all these Covid-19 protocols, we want to remain open and be able to ski and snowboard throughout the winter, we are in this together and together we will get through this while slip sliding down the slopes.

We will have an outdoor window access to purchase tickets, (through the ski school building). We will have additional toilets outside. At this time the Lodge will be open for people to come in to place a food order and exit through a side door, personal bags will have to remain in everyone’s vehicles. We will operate the cafeteria on a take out style, and encourage people to eat outside at their vehicles or at the picnic tables we’ve provided. As more government restrictions are brought into place we’ll all have to adjust. Masks are now mandatory in all public places inside and IN LIFT LINE UPS, so don’t forget to bring one. We are striving to get people up the mountain and maintain Troll as a great place to reduce your stress levels, reconnect with nature while enjoying the social aspects of skiing and snowboarding, while naturally physically distancing.

In light of all the constraints and keeping Troll viable we have decided to operate a minimum of 4 days per week after the Christmas break. That means we will operate weekends, Fridays and Mondays. We of course will be open everyday throughout the Christmas holidays, and during Spring break.

Season Passes are available at Rocky Peak Adventure Gear, (directly across from the Post Office). We have decided to keep prices the same as last year.
We were anticipating raising them to accommodate the rising cost of everything, however with reduced opening days we hope to manage.

***new for all our season pass holders, IQonboard. We at Troll are taking advantage of some leading edge technology, developed in the aviation industry for contact tracing. Each season pass holder will receive an IQtag (disc) the size of a toonie that is to be worn in conjunction with your pass. This disc will allow us to track them each time it enters the lodge or ski school, and ONLY these locations. These are the two areas of concern in particular for B.C. Health. No other action will be required, and the disc will only record time spent in those 2 locations.
Troll has decided to shoulder the majority of the cost for these IQtags (disks). We are hoping the pass holders can support us in this initiative by donating $10.00 – $40.00 for the use of the IQtag for the season.
Day pass purchases, and Ten Day Passes will sign in on the days they come to the hill.

Please look to our Facebook page for current updates.


OPEN HOURS:. Lifts start 9 am, and last run is at 3:15 pm, for the Silver lift which runs weekends and stat holidays only, it runs from 10am until 3pm (last run 2:45pm).

NOTICE : we are on a dial up Interac system out here and it is slow. Cash is faster, and we do accept cheques.

Check out the GALLERY for more photos of fun times at Troll, more photos have been posted to our Facebook site.


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